What is a Hackathon?

Hackathon is an event where participants spend a short period of time (usually between 24 and 40 hours) in building, creating and delivering a product. The idea is to collaboratively code in an extreme manner, to start from scratch and end with a working prototype.

It is a sort of competition where people with design skills, development skills, programming skills and project management skills come together to design and build a nice product. A real hackathon is about letting you rimaginations run wild, your brain roam free and create something truly unique.

Why Hackathons

Perpetual, Relentless, Unending Innovation

Moving powerful ideas from conception to impact

Ideation and Development of Prototypes

Fostering imagination and innovative thought process in participant’s minds

Exploring new technologies

Networking and Collaborating with like minded people who share similar passion

Crowdsourcing ideas and solutions

What is a Hackathon?
  • An ultimate platform to host Hackathons

  • A platform where interested partners (Colleges / Corporates) can organise and promote Hackathons

  • A platform where different types of hackathons can be conducted

  • A platform where a hackathon can be managed seamlessly from registration to team formation to project submission to evaluation

Steps in organising a Hackathon

Create a Hackathon

Invite Participants / Teams for Registration

In case of individual participants, facilitate the formation of teams

Conduct a preliminary code challenge

Filter teams based on code challenge performace

Manage submission of ideas

Provide a shared web workspace with all the tools needed for implementing the idea

Manage submission of projects

Collaborate with judges to evaluate project submissions

Decide on the winning teams

Types of Hackathons
  • Onsite Hackathons are meetings of minds. Tech and creative people meet at the event to build something amazing and compete for prizes.

  • In Online Hackathons, it is a remote challenge. Participants can compete from any location. Members within a team can collaborate through group chats and forums and all their activities will be recorded.Everything from registration to idea submission to judging is done online.

  • The focus is on mobile app development or video game development or web application development.

  • The focus is on developing applications which use a specific framework like Spring or Hibernate

  • The focus is on developing solutions to solve a specific well defined problem.

What are the features of H-Box?
  • One stop solution for all hackathon needs

  • Complete auto-evaluation of problem specific hackathons

  • Coding standards and Coding style autoevaluation for other hackathons

  • Collaboration tools like group chats, discussion forums

  • Management and evaluation of submissions through different phases of hackathons

  • A foolproof and transparent filtering and judging pprocess

  • Live dashboard to indicate the progress of different teams

  • Detailed analytics and reports

  • Streamlines many event logistics

  • Preliminary online workshops or learnathons can be conducted